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Costa Rica takes steps towards the use of cryptocurrencies with the first local wallet

The developer explained that the Costa Rican electronic wallet allows people to access secure payments and cryptocurrency trading anywhere and anytime.


More than 60 thousand Costa Ricans carry out transactions with cryptocurrencies

“The largest number of transactions are the purchase of bitcoins, there is a smaller participation of people who like to speculate with other currencies; I would include bitcoin and ethereum in that large percentage, but there are certainly other people who like to buy stablecoins that are tied to a particular coin. Few people are selling, generally people are buying as a store of value with the purpose of eventually being able to pay with bitcoins and achieve a good appreciation”, explains Mario Hernández, CEO of the company.


Fintech IMPESA achieves important capital raising for US$2.7 million

The first survey was achieved at the end of 2017, the date on which the firm Adds Partners, co-manager of the Financial Services platform of the Dominican firm INICIA, became a partner of IMPESA. With this third and new capital raising, IMPESA is incorporated as a new partner to Invermaster, a regional firm that was constituted as Lead Investor of this round.

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Fintech Impesa launches 'app' for buying, selling and transferring cryptocurrency

“The CryptoWallet will allow the transfer of funds from crypto to “fiat” (cash) that can be used on the prepaid card as a form of payment in stores, ATMs/ATMs, and payments between people, or payments between accounts linked to cards. Visa. The development of Monibyte CriptoWallet began in December 2021 and is part of Impesa's expansion strategy."