Your Monibyte Prepaid Visa card

Our Monibyte Visa Prepaid Card

Safer and more practical <br>than carrying cash

Safer and more practical
than carrying cash

Accessible to anyone over the age of 14

Accessible to anyone over the age of 14

Free app

Free app

Works like any debit card

At any store and ATM

Accepted at any merchant in the world where VISA is accepted with contactless and chip payments

Card controls in real time:

- Card lock and unlock

- Control of local purchases

- Control of online purchases and creation of spending limits

- Control of international purchases by country

- Limit control by day, week and month

Cards in USD (US Dollars) and CRC (Costa Rican Colones)

Commission for use of ATM: 5%


- There is no charge for minimum amount or minimum amount for recharge

- There is no insurance charge

- Fixed cost for payments between people or between accounts of $0.42

- Charge for not using the card for 90 days $2.00

IBAN account: You can recharge your card from any bank or electronic branch