Your Monibyte Prepaid Visa card

Learn about the benefits of having our Monibyte Prepaid Visa card, the safest and most practical without worrying about credit checks, expiring funds or overdraft fees. It works like any debit card on the market, in any commerce or ATM machine. 

  • Accepted anywhere in the world where VISA is accepted with contactless payments & chip
  • Real-time card controls:
    • Blocking/unblocking of card
    • Control local purchases
    • Online purchase control and spending limits
    • International purchase controls, specific by country
    • Daily, weekly and monthly spending limits
  • Offered in USD (United Stated Dollar) and CRC (Costa Rican Colones)
  • ATM Machine fee: 5%
  • Fees
    • No annual, monthly, daily or administration fee
    • No insurance fee
    • No charge for receiving crypto
    • No minimum refill fee
    • The fixed cost for P2P transferring with Visa Direct is $0.42
    • $2.00 fee for 90 days inactive
    • IBAN: Refill your card from any bank !
  • Available for anyone 14 years & older

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